100 days in office

This newsletter turns 100-days-old today.

Actually, I just double-checked, and it was yesterday. 100 days into this and I’m still unable to plan and write content with reasonable advance.

I’d tell you about the roller coaster of emotions that starting your own publication and getting your first subscribers is, but I haven’t experienced anything like that.

I do periodically think I should give up, and I do get all warm and fuzzy when I get notified because you signed up, but above all, there’s only the practice for me. Every day I sit at my desk after the day’s work’s done and I write one note. Sometimes it takes me hours to write a two-liner that I’m not even happy with. I sure wasn’t expecting it to be this hard when I started.

Why am I doing this?

For you, of course … of course not. I couldn't stand the effort that’s going into this for anybody but myself.

The work is the reward here.

I am incredibly grateful that I can share this with you and that you may find value in it, but I only keep on writing because I need to; because expressing myself makes me feel good, because hitting publish gives me a sense of accomplishment, because I don’t have to answer to anybody here, not even you.

Yes, I like talking about work and business, but this is not a business. You’re not my client here; I’m not providing you with any service; I owe you nothing.

Best feeling in the world.