AI wrote this

“AI writers are not replacing human writers by any means. They simply enhance the creativity of a writer by generating content ideas at scale. We all know that true creativity is something that cannot be produced by an algorithm.”

Sounds disingenuous, especially because it was written by an AI.

It’s like you finding your kid forearm deep into the biscuit jar and they telling you “I just wanted to count them!”. Kids are a little dumb like that, which makes them funny, but often they grow up to be real assholes if you don’t learn how to deal with them early on.

I like kids, by the way, other people’s, I mean.

What were we talking about? Oh yes, the impact of AI on creative work.

Here’s what I think: Most Junior creative jobs are bound to be replaced by robots and software within a decade.

It's a good thing for the industry. We will witness unprecedented levels of productivity, and the work that wins awards today will be the standard of tomorrow.

It may be a bad thing for society as a whole. The typical worker doesn't benefit from increases in productivity since the ‘70s, and it’s actually losing money to inflation.

Economics makes my brain hurt, and I’ve always been bad at math anyway. What I’m really concerned about is the tsunami of spam, trash content, fake news, and foofaraws that will hit us as these AI tools become mainstream.

You thought we had enough already? Brace yourself. You ain’t seen nothing yet.