How I grew this newsletter by 70% in 30 days

It’s the era of clickbait; were you really expecting that title to tell the whole story? Well, this email newsletter did grow by 70% in the past month (so technically that wasn’t clickbait), but that 70% amounts to precisely 25 readers, for a total of 61 newsletter subscribers as of today; just over six months since I started writing here daily. “Celebrate the small wins,” they say.

If I had published this a month ago, only a few among family and friends would have read it (some more reluctantly than others).

“Did you read yesterday’s post?” I ask my partner every morning. The answer I get the most is “not yet.” I just checked; on 186 emails received, she only opened 119. How’s that for motivation? To her defense, she often visits the blog through the links I post on social media.

See, I’m busy, but most importantly, I’m lazy, and writing is already laborious enough. So I haven’t been very proactive with distribution (I did nothing at all).

Then where are those 25 cool people coming from?

The Sample.

Welcome, by the way.