Whatever happened to Clubhouse

The last time I heard about Clubhouse was just over a month ago when the once invite-only social networking app opened its doors to the public, but the masses didn’t seem to notice. (It’s funny because at one point, people were scrambling to get in; some were even selling their invites on eBay for over $100.)

There are several reasons why Clubhouse is disappearing.  Did the exclusivity thing backfire? Do we have less time for social media now that we’re vaccinated and able to meet friends again? Is it because smaller creators had a hard time building a community on the platform? Is it because it doesn’t cater to Gen Z’s attention span? It’s most likely a combination of these reasons, and some others we can’t even see yet.

Whatever the reason, the real-time voice sharing features that made Clubhouse famous have been copied and implemented in some form or another by Facebook, Twitter, and Slack, to name a few, changing the way we use social media forever.

Let’s assume for a moment that Clubhouse was your brainchild, and it actually shuts down. Would you consider this legacy a win, Or would you walk away feeling bitter and defeated?