Crude and vulgar

For the most part, advertising is just another form of pollution.

Since we have been able to put the internet in our front pocket, this stuff is spilling into our lives and has saturated it to the point of no return.

“Unfortunately,” quoting Massimo Vignelli, “there are designers and marketing people who intentionally look down on the consumer with the notion that vulgarity has a definite appeal to the masses, and therefore they supply the market with a continuous flow of crude and vulgar design. I consider this action criminal since it is producing visual pollution that is degrading our environment just like all other types of pollution.”

That sounds nice, but in the attention-starved economy, creativity works for data, and data says that crude and vulgar gets people’s attention. It pollutes, but it also converts.

Is this what we gave away our privacy for?

Is this going to cause our extinction?

Don’t laugh. Nobody thought fossil fuels or barbeques could either!