Nov 3, 2021Liked by Felice Della Gatta

Oh this is nice. I haven't heard that term despite being hitched to a software builder. But I love this concept because things are never perfect and it's always messy and I think this is more and more true. Being able to live in the mess while still being able to build towards your vision is a critical skill. I used to think that starting over was an opportunity to build perfection. I no longer feel that way, nor is perfection what I care to aim for. I now cultivate my capacity for grit.

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Yes, Evy! Every expanding system tends to become a big ball of mud. But the fact that the system is expanding is a success in itself so I agree with you. We should have grit, learn to go with it, and maybe keep a mental map of those pieces we should go back and reclaim when the time is right and the resources are available.

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